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  • All-In-one camera system for space

    New radiation-resistant camera heads for space applications as an all-in-one solution

    Product line of generic space camera heads
    as key imaging solution

    Our partner's camera head family offers you high-density, high-performance and high-resolution camera head solutions for space applications. These all-in-one solutions combine a high-resolution image sensor with an FPGA-based electronic architecture to integrate sensor control and image processing, power supply and protection, and a standard communication interface in one product. This generic camera architecture enables a wide range of applications, from scientific observation to equipment or payload monitoring to star tracking or GNC applications.


    • Highly integrated all-in-one solution
    • Radiation resistant by design
    • Fully space capable
    • Turn-key solution with firmware and processing capabilities

    Available space camera heads

    • 4Mpx visible (Mono & RGB)
    • 12Mpx High Performance Visible (Mono & Rgb)
    • 1.3Mpx high performance SWIR

    Turn-key solutions for space cameras

    Through our partner you can get turn-key camera solutions with electronics, optics and mechanical parts with the following reusable building blocks:
    • Space camera heads
    • Standard firmware for space 
    • Space-qualified lenses
    • Mechanical enclosure/interface
    • DC/DC converter with signal multiplexing

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    turn-key solutions for space cameras?

    The Multi Camera Monitoring System
    as technical solution

    The MCAM system can operate up to two 4Mpx cameras simultaneously or one 12Mpx camera alone. The composition of the Multi Camera Monitoring System and what it consists of can be found in the listing

    Note: Currently, the Multi Camera Monitoring System is in the qualification phase.

    7 full-color camera assemblies:

    • 2 types of cameras:
      5x4Mpixel color camera heads
      2x12Mpixel color camera heads
    • Flight firmware
    • Spacewire/power interface
    • Lens with 7.9 mm field of view
    • Complete mechanical case

    1 Electronic control box

    • 28=>5V DC/DC converter
    • Protection devices
    • SpaceWire-router

    Complete camera assemblies
    of the MCAM system

    Two configurations for the optical heads of the MCAM system

    5x 4Mpx cameras with Wide FoV optics

    • ERO spacecraft monitoring (unit separation, antenna/solar deployment).
    • Up to two cameras operating in low-frame-rate imaging mode with single shots or photo bursts at up to 5 Hz

    2x 12Mpx high performance cameras with Wide FoV optics

    • Especially for the acquisition and release of samples
    • Single image mode (single shot or photo series) or video mode (full HD videos 1920x1080 at 30 fps) with demosaicing and compression functions based on H.264

    Compact design

    • < 100 x 100 x 100 mm³
    • 325g for 4Mpx OH, < 500g for 12Mpx OH

    Optical interface compatible with commercially available optics

    • Two qualified designs: 7.9 mm and 11.6 mm focal length
    • In preparation: focal lengths 25/50/90 mm

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    our All-In-One camera system for
    the space sector?

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