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    EMI Filtered Connectors

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    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is an ever-present topic which needs to be considered in the design of electronic applications. In most cases, especially when a design fails the EMC test, short-term solutions are required.

    Live Webinar –
    How to save money, time and size by using EMI filtered connectors

    In our live webinar we will inform you how to save effort and time and get the most cost-effective solution by choosing a connector with integrated EMC filter. The good thing is that you as a customer choose the connector in which we integrate an EMC filter. The only requirement for selecting the connector is a metal housing—nothing more.

    We will show you the benefits of using EMI filtered connectors instead of the regular standard connectors and how this can positively affect your projects for a longer term. Whether for aerospace, defense and often also for medical and some industrial applications.

    Find out what you can learn about the benefits of EMI Filtered Connectors by joining this webinar

    • Saving effort and time to market by using an EMI-filtered connector
    • Getting a cost-effective and long-term solution
    • Benefits of using EMI filtered connectors instead of regular standard connector
    • Learn that any connector with a metal housing can be equipped with an integrated EMI filter
    • How our MSA-Components-Team will help you find the best solution
    Live Webiner - EMI Filtered Connectors
    Date: Mon, Oct 30, 2023
    Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CET
    To ensure the quality of the resources, we charge a nominal fee of 10 USD (including VAT), for which you will of course receive an invoice.

    You can't join
    our Live Webinar?

    No worries. Contact us for a personal consultation to find out how we can filter any connector with a metal housing, regardless of manufacturer. All you have to do is select the connector.

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