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  • Announcing a new product

    A non-volatile memory designed for space constraints and harsh environments in space applications.

    This new component with Radhard memory for space applications will be available from Q3/2023.
    For pre-orders and more information:
    If you want to know more about the product,
    contact MSA Components GmbH.

    Special features and advantages of
    the new Radhard memory MNEMOSYNE


    • FPGA configuration memory
    • Boot/program memory of processors

    Key benefits

    • Space-qualified high-density
      configuration/program memory.
    • Suitable for the most important
      high-quality FPGAs, processors.
    • Makes user’s life easier with functions for:
      ECC_flag, error_counter
    • Miniaturization: low pin count and compact solution
    • Scalability: 512 Mbit and 1 Gbit are
      pin to pin compatible


    • Density: 512 Mbit or 1 Gbit
    • Up to 100 MHz
    • 1.8 V SPI Interface
    • SPI, dual SPI, QSPI and OSPI modes supported
    • Embedded ECC
    • ECC flag, error counter
    • 100,000 P/E cycles
    • 20 years data memory
    • Software reset and hardware reset pin
    • Boot configuration: x1, x4, x8
    • Temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
    • ITAR free

    Radiation tolerance

    • TID > 100 krad(Si)
    • SEL LET > 60MeV.cm²/mg
    • SEU LET > 60 MeV.cm²/mg
    •  SET, SEFI LET > 60 MeV.cm²/mg

    Space Qualifications

    • Up to ESA Class 1,
    • Up to NASA Level 1,
    • High durability and reliability,
    • Flight experience: 3D PLUS experience in
      space memory for more than 20 years

    What is MNEMOSYNE

    MNEMOSYNE - First Design ( Test vehicle ASIC)
    MNEMOSYNE is a new non-volatile Radhard memory developed as part of a European project. The ASIC embedded in our module is manufactured in Europe using a 22 nm FDSOI process. This new portfolio of non-volatile memories features a serial or parallel interface, embedded ECC and counters. With memory densities from 128 Mbit to 1 Gbit, MNEMOSYNE modules are compatible with the latest generation of FPGAs and processors.

    What to expect

    • First delivery: September 2023
    • Space-qualified memory with high configuration density
    • Best-in-class reliability (data retention, P/E cycles, radiation)
    • Ease of customer life with additional features for error management strategy
      (ECC_flags, error counters)
    • Scalability (512 Mbit & 1 Gbit are pin to pin compatible)

    MNEMOSYNE in comparison

    Would you like more information about the
    new Radhard memory MNEMOSYNE??

    and 3DMN1G08US8854

    3DMN512M08US4853 or 3DMN1G08US8854 is a high performance 512 Mbit or 1 Gbit non-volatile memory with a serial interface.

    The 512 Mbit /1 Gbit memory module seemingly replaces any SPI NOR flash memory by providing a high-speed, low pin count SPI-compatible bus interface with a single 1.8 V power supply. It delivers up to 200 MBps reads and writes over 8 I/O signals at a clock frequency of 100 MHz.

    This native latch-up immunized memory, manufactured using an FDSOI process, is radiation tolerant by design. Additional protection against transient effects is provided by an embedded controller with ECC.

    In addition, an ECC flag and error counter are provided to assist the user in their error management strategy. These features are helpful in extending the life of the module in the radiation environment.

    Why the MNEMOSYNE project was launched

    • Demonstrate new generation radiation-resistant, high-density, non-volatile program memory with serial interface
    • The independence of European space strategy against U.S., Russian and Chinese actors.
    • first EU-independent high-density radiation-hardened non-volatile memory (NVM) by leveraging Magnetic RAM (MRAM) technology and the expertise of six key partners specializing in radiation hardening and high-performance components for space applications.

    Would you like more information about the new Radhard MNEMOSYNE memory?

    If you would like general information about the new radhard memory MNEMOSYNE, please contact our team directly or arrange a callback.

    Do you have a specific question about the new Radhard MNEMOSYNE memory?

    If you have a specific question about the new Radhard storage MNEMOSYNE or an inquiry for one of your projects, we will be happy to provide you with a suitable solution for you and your project.