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  • Press-Fit Technology

    High-performance and highly reliable
    Connection technology for the aerospace industry

    What is Press-Fit

    With press-fit technology, connectors are pressed onto a printed circuit board (PCB) using appropriately dimensioned through-hole plating without damaging the PCB or the connectors. This technology is an alternative to the soldering process and offers numerous advantages over the conventional process, such as a reduction in production costs or a large selection of different power and signal contacts.

    The low-force press-fit process from our supplier Positronic also prevents distortion of the PCB and damage to the hole due to the low insertion and extraction forces caused by bi-jump power. This expertise in the development and manufacture of press-fit contacts was demonstrated once again in 2018 when our supplier and the CNES (French space agency) were selected to lead a project to qualify SPMAX and DSUB with press-fit contact technology for the European Space Agency ESA.
    Press-Fit Technology

    THE ADVANTAGES OF Press-Fit Technology

    • Simple, clean, robust and highly reliable connections, even in environments with strong vibrations and temperature changes.
    • High repeatability of the connection impedance
    • Applicable on one or both sides of the PCB
    • Acceptance of large PCB thicknesses
    • Contacts or connectors that are easy to repair or replace
    • Process without heating or cleaning
    • Avoidance of high reflow heat, minimization of thermal stress on the PCB and damage to the connector housing.
    • Available for mass production
    • Reduced control by avoiding e.g. X-rays.
    Press-fit technology helps to improve the reliability of electronic assemblies
    • FIT rate* of 0.005 during press-fitting
    • FIT rate* of 0.5 for manual soldering
    • FIT rate* of 0.03 for the automated process
    *FIT-Rate = Failure-in-Time-Rate
    Failure rate is 100 times lower than with hand soldering

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    Press-Fit technology for the aerospace industry?

    Technische MErkmale

    Gas-tight connection

    between the contact and the coated through hole

    One-piece contact

    from the tip to the end - for straight and 90º contacts

    Multiple repetitions

    Inserts can be repeated without any problems

    Integrated gold coating

    to protect the contact and ensure high electrical perfomance

    No damage to the coated through hole

    due to the compatible Press-Fit connection

    Separation of the mechanical effect from electrical operation

    and the coating through the compatible Press-Fit connection


    The advantages of "Low-Force Press-Fit"

    • No more soldering necessary - reduces process costs
    • Easy replacement possible if relevant
    • Range of different power and signal contacts
    • High contact forces and vibration resistance
    • Already used successfully several times
    • Low insertion and extraction forces thanks to bi-jump power prevents distortion of the PCB and damage to the hole

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    Press-Fit technology for the aerospace industry?





    A space qualification of Positronic Pressfit contacts by the European Space Agency (ESA) is in progress. Positronic will be the first company to provide a certified part with the Pressfit technology for space applications.

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    Press-Fit technology?

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