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    Starter battery / storage medium for
    e.g. armoured vehicles,UAVs, airport trollies and many more

    What is Skelstart

    SKELSTART is a starter battery based on Supercapacitor. With this starter battery, it is possible to reliably start any engine, regardless of its size, at any place and at any time and repeatedly, even at -40 °C. The supercapacitors used in the starter battery are an energy storage technology comparable to batteries. Their strengths are 60 times higher performance than today's batteries combined with outstanding reliability, even at extreme temperatures. The service life of more than 15 years (over 1 million life cycles) allows maintenance-free use and thus a reduction in costs, maintenance cycles and complexity. As a starter battery, the Skelstart is therefore significantly more reliable and more cost-effective overall than previously used starter batteries.

    For armored vehicles, the Skelstart fulfills all current and valid MIL-Standards. The Skelstart can be equipped with a CAN-BUS interface, which is currently still in the development phase. For all other non-military applications, the Skelstart offers the same advantages in the form of an existing standard version.“

    Advantages of Starter Batteries

    Your batteries have to power the lights, the air conditioning, and all the electronics in your vehicle. And they do all this while you're starting the engine, which requires a lot of power and shortens the life of your batteries. Supercapacitors are designed for high amperage and are ideal for starting large engines, so you'll never have to worry about your engine not starting or your batteries failing again.

    High power

    60X the power of batteries

    No downtime

    Reliable engine starting even with dead batteries

    Long lifetime

    1M+ lifecycles (min. 15 years), no maintenance needed

    Works even at -40 °C

    full efficiency at low temperatures below 0°C

    Meets MIL standards

    Meets all current MIL standards - and others outside MIL

    Cost efficient

    In the overall concept than previously used starter batterie / Pays back within one year

    Additional interface

    A starter battery with a communication interface is currently under development.

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    Starter Battery for the defence market?

    Simple and safe installation

    The Starter Battery is connected between the battery and the starter motor, making it the only starter for your engine. The batteries continue to supply the electrical consumers in your vehicle (lighting, air conditioning, etc.). Depending on your needs, the Starter Battery can replace one of your batteries or be installed in addition to the existing batteries.

    Before installing the Starter Battery

    After installing the Starter Battery

    Diesel Engine with Starter Battery

    Instruction for installing the Starter Battery

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    Starter Battery for the defence market?

    Advantages of Supercapacitor Technology for the defense market

    Reliable start of the engine

    Supercapacitors are extremely temperature resistant and operate at near full efficiency even at -40 °C. The Starter Batterie only requires 9V to charge, so it will work even if your batteries are dead.

    Longer battery lifespan

    Extends the life of the batteries up to 2X. The starting current no longer comes directly from the batteries, protecting them from frequent high current spikes.

    One-time investment

    Supercapacitors have a life of more than 1 million charge/discharge cycles, which means the Starter Battery will outlast the life of your vehicle. No maintenance required, no upgrades needed.

    Improved fuel consumption

    You no longer need to idle your engine to charge the battery. By eliminating the need to idle, fuel consumption can be reduced by an average of 400 liters per year. This saves money and reduces CO2 and NOx emissions.

    Multiple starts in a short time without long charging 

    The charging time from zero discharge to full charge is ~10 minutes. In reality, starting the engine takes about ~2 seconds, during which only 10-20% of the energy is used. This means that the charge drops from 100% to 80%, which in turn means that the Crank Start Battery still has energy for further starting and that it is charged from 80/90% to 100% within a short time window.

    Starter Battery - Cranking test
    The behavior under real circumstances

    Application areas of the Starter Battery

    Armored Vehicles

    UAV starter battery

    Airport Trolley

    with internal combustion engine, in which the starter batteries must be replaced every 6-12 months

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