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    The best energy storage solution for high power needs
    Supercapacitor cells

    Main Parameters

    Voltage: 2.85 / 3.0 V
    Capacitance: 300 - 5000 F
    Power: 1,3kW – 16,1kW.
    ESR (DC): 0.14-0.22 mOhm
    Specific power: 22.1-28.4 kW/kg
    Specific energy: 6.8-11.1 Wh/kg
    Curved Graphene made in Europe

    Curved Graphene Technology

    German quality from the global technology leader in high-performance energy storage.

    An important factor in the performance advantage of the Supercapacitors is the nanotechnology research on Curved Graphene, the raw material patented by our partner. The patented Curved Graphene carbon material gives the Supercapacitors superior power and energy density, and this advantage is transferred to the Supercapacitor modules and systems.

    Our partner manufactures its own Curved Graphene Carbon raw material. This significant production step takes place in Germany, in the world's largest production facility for this purpose. Furthermore, our partner produces the Supercapacitor cells, modules and systems to stringent quality standards for the defence and aerospace markets.

    Supercapacitor Technology

    Advantages throughout the entire energy storage industry

    Supercapacitors (Gen 1)

    SCI3400, SCH3400, SCA0300, SCK3000 & SCA3200

    • 4x power density compared to competitors
    • High power (up to 60x compared to batteries)
    • 1,000,000+ lifecycles
    • Ultrafast charging times (<1 s)
    Graphene supercapacitors (Gen 2)


    • +72% increase in energy (16 Wh/L), while maintaining high power
    • Increased efficiency & lower footprint
    • 1,000,000+ lifecycles
    • Ultrafast charging times (<1 s)

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    Advantage in Technology

    Supercapacitors vs. Li-ion Batteries

    Supercapacitor - Icon - Fast


    use an electric field to store energy
    Supercapacitor single cell
    • High-power density (up to 60 kW/kg)
    • Limited energy density (up to 16 Wh/L)
    • Extreme cycle life (>1 million)
    • Extremely fast charge rate (2000 C)
    • High inherent safety
    • No rare metals
    Supercapacitor - Icon - Slow

    Li-ion Batteries

    use a chemical reaction to store energy
    • Limited power density (0.5 kW/kg)
    • High-energy density (205 Wh/kg)
    • Limited cycle life (<3000)
    • Slow charge rate (1.5 C)
    • Safety concerns
    • Lithium, nickel, cobalt

    Supercapacitors vs. other competitors

    4x more power density

    Supercapacitors have a power density that is 4 times higher than the products of other manufacturers in the field of energy storage, such as Maxwell or UCNP.
    Power density compared to other manufacturers

    Our product Range of supercapacitors

    Series SCX5000 SCI3400 SCH3400 SCA0300 SCK3000 SCA3200
    Terminals Weldable Threaded Non-Threaded PCB-mountable Non-Threaded Weldable
    Rated Voltage 3 V 3 V 3 V 2,85 V 2,85 V 2,85 V
    Rated Capacitance 5.000 F 3.400 F 3.400 F 300 F 3.000 F 3.200 F
    Power 16,1 kW 9,7 kW 10,7 kW 1,3 kW 9,2 kW 11,3 kW
    Power Density 41,2 kW/L 27,8 kW/L 27,5 kW/L 24,0 kW/L 23,7 kW/L 29,0 kW/L
    Energy 6,3 Wh 3,84 Wh 3,84 Wh 0,34 Wh 3,38 Wh 3,60 Wh
    DC 10ms ESR rated 0,14 mΩ 0,17 mΩ 0,17 mΩ 1,00 mΩ 0,17 mΩ 0,14 mΩ
    maximum peak current 3,8 kA 2,83 kA 2,83 kA 0,29 kA 2,58 kA 2,89 kA
    Mass 0,565 kG 0,540 kG 0,540 kG 0,064 kG 0,500 kG 0,530 kG
    Volume 0,390 L 0,390 L 0,390 L 0,053 L 0,390 L 0,390 L
    Temperature -40 - 65°C -40 - 65°C -40 - 65°C -40 - 65°C -40 - 65°C -40 - 65°C
    Cycleslife >1.000.000 cycles >1.000.000 cycles >1.000.000 cycles >1.000.000 cycles >1.000.000 cycles >1.000.000 cycles
    MSA is the exclusive distributor worldwide for all aerospace and defence applications. The Supercapacitors are not yet approved for classical aerospace, but have already been successfully used for space applications. We will inform you as soon as they are approved.

    Application areas
    of the Supercapacitors

    Space and New Space

    • Satellite’s power supply
    • High-power radar supply for small-satellite earth-observation missions
    • Collision avoidance
    • Power Bus voltage regulation


    • Delivery of peak/high pulse current for ignition systems
    • Release mechanisms: used to deploy equipment such as solar panels
    • Optimization of pyrotechnic separation mechanisms during launch phase
    • Electrical thrust vector control for launchers


    • Laser weapon
    • Battle Tank Cold Cranking
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle launcher, Emergency power in MRAP Vehicles for door operations, GPS guided missiles
    • Magnetic Coil Gun

    Aviation and EVTOL

    • Airplanes: aircraft's regular operations of the heavy doors
    • Replacement of Li-Ion-Batteries when safety is a concern
    • Intelligent energy storage device to protect the electric generator

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