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    Ultracapacitor Technology

    The leading high-performance energy storage solutions
    for the defence and aerospace market

    What are Ultracapacitors?

    Ultracapacitors, or Supercapacitors, are an energy storage technology that offers high power density, near-instantaneous charge and discharge, high reliability, extreme temperature tolerance, and a lifetime of more than 1,000,000 charge/discharge cycles.

    Ultracapacitors have been under development for decades, but the greatest developmental strides have only been made in the last 15 years, driven by advances in nanomaterials, with the curved graphene material being a prime example of a breakthrough technology.
    Furthermore, Ultracapacitors offer significant economic benefits in terms of energy and fuel savings in a variety of markets, including automotive, power grid and renewable energy, as well as the defence and aerospace markets.
    MSA is the exclusive distributor worldwide for all aerospace and defence applications. The Supercapacitors are not yet approved for classical aerospace, but have already been successfully used for space applications. We will inform you as soon as they are approved.
    Curved Graphene made in Europe

    Curved Graphene Technology

    German quality from the global technology leader in high-performance energy storage.

    An important factor in the performance advantage of the Supercapacitors is the nanotechnology research on Curved Graphene, the raw material patented by our partner. The patented Curved Graphene carbon material gives the Supercapacitors superior power and energy density, and this advantage is transferred to the Supercapacitor modules and systems.

    Our partner manufactures its own Curved Graphene Carbon raw material. This significant production step takes place in Germany, in the world's largest production facility for this purpose. Furthermore, our partner produces the Supercapacitor cells, modules and systems to stringent quality standards for the defence and aerospace markets.

    Advantage in technology

    through superior carbon raw material

    Our Partners products provide high-power energy storage for applications with up to 15-minute cycle Durations.

    Operating temperature
    from less than -40°C up to 80+°C

    The lower temperature limit at operating temperatures of -40 degrees applies to continuous operation of the cells. The freezing of the electrolyte represents the limit here. However, it is possible for the cell to be temporarily exposed to extremely low temperatures, which can be determined with simulations. Thus, to assess the suitability of the Supercapacitor for a project within the range of operating temperatures mentioned, it is important to know the power profile and the temperature profile during the use case to assess the suitability of the Supercapacitor for the project in question. The same is true for high temperatures. The cells can withstand operating temperatures of 80+ degrees for a short period of time, but not for the entire life of the capacitor.
    Operating temperature

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    high-performance energy storage solutions?

    Our Products
    based on the curved graphene Technology

    Supercapacitor Cells

    • High power density (up to 60 kW/kg)
    • Limited energy density (up to 16 Wh/L)
    • Extreme cycle life (>1 million)
    • Extremely fast charge rate (2000 C)
    • High inherent safety
    • No rare metals


    • High power density (up to 10 kW/kg)
    • Increased energy density (65 Wh/kg)
    • Long cycle life (50,000)
    • Fast charge rate (20 C continuous, 100 C peak)
    • High inherent safety
    • High recyclability and sustainability
    • No Graphite, no Co, <5% Li

    Application areas
    of the Supercapacitors & SUperBatteries

    Space and New Space

    • Satellite’s power supply
    • High-power radar supply for small-satellite earth-observation missions
    • Collision avoidance
    • Power Bus voltage regulation


    • Delivery of peak/high pulse current for ignition systems
    • Release mechanisms: used to deploy equipment such as solar panels
    • Optimization of pyrotechnic separation mechanisms during launch phase
    • Electrical thrust vector control for launchers


    • Laser weapon
    • Battle Tank Cold Cranking
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle launcher, Emergency power in MRAP Vehicles for door operations, GPS guided missiles
    • Magnetic Coil Gun

    Aviation and EVTOL

    • Airplanes: aircraft's regular operations of the heavy doors
    • Replacement of Li-Ion-Batteries when safety is a concern
    • Intelligent energy storage device to protect the electric generator

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    Supercapacitors and Superbatteries?

    Starter Battery
    storage medium in armored vehicles

    The Starterbattery is a Supercapacitor engine starting module. With the Starterbattery, it is possible to reliably start any motor or diesel engine, regardless of its size, at any location and at any time, repeatedly. The Supercapacitors used in the Starterbattery are an energy storage technology comparable to batteries. Their strengths are 60 times higher performance than today's batteries, a lifespan of more than 15 years (1 million+ life cycles) and excellent reliability, even at extreme temperatures.

    Furthermore, the Starterbattery meets all current MIL standards and all other requirements and standards, making it ideal for use in armored military vehicles. In addition, the Starterbattery is significantly more reliable and overall more cost-effective than previously used starter batteries.

    Advantages of the Supercapacitor Technology
    FOR THE DEFENcE and military MARKET

    Reliable engine starting

    Supercapacitors are extremely temperature resistant and operate at near full efficiency even at -40 OC/F. The Starterbattery 12V only requires 9V to charge, so it will work even if your batteries are dead.

    Longer battery life

    Extends the life of the batteries up to 2X. The starting current no longer comes directly from the batteries, protecting them from frequent high current spikes.

    One-time investment

    Supercapacitors have a lifetime of more than 1 million charge/discharge cycles, which means the Starterbattery will last the lifetime of your vehicle. No maintenance required, no upgrades needed.

    Improved fuel consumption

    You no longer need to idle your engine to charge the battery. Eliminating idling can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 400 liters per year. This saves money and reduces CO2 and NOx emissions.

    Multiple starts in a short time without long loading times

    The charging time from zero discharge to full charge is ~10 minutes. In reality, starting the engine takes about ~2 seconds, during which only 10-20% of the energy is used. This means that the charge drops from 100% to 80%, which in turn means that the Starterbattery still has energy for further starting and that it is charged from 80/90% to 100% within a short time window.

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    Starterbattery for the defence market?

    Application areas of the Starterbattery

    Armored Vehicles

    UAV starter battery

    Airport Trolley

    with internal combustion engine, in which the starter batteries must be replaced every 6-12 months

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    Supercapacitors, Superbatteries or the Starterbattery?

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